My New Found Hobby – Sketching

Every year during Christmas/New Year period I take a break from the routine to explore locations and at times to explore a different side of me.

As a kid I liked to draw, it got lost in transit to adulthood; So during the break of 2016, I thought of giving sketching a shot. Below is how I am progressing on my sketching attempts…

12th Feb 2017 - Afghan Girl

12th Feb 2017 – Afghan Girl


Anne Hathaway

7th Jan 2017 – Anne Hathaway


31st Dec 2016 – Catherine Zeta Jones




30th Dec 2016 – Deepika Padukone



28th Dec 2016 – Angelina Jolie




27th Dec 2016 – Emma Watson


26th Dec 2016 – Madhubala


25th Dec 2016 – Elsa





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